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About Me


I am an animation graduate on the autism spectrum. My personal skills include leadership, enthusiasm, communication, dedication, and determination. I am also collaborative, detail-oriented, loyal, and friendly. 

My main inspirations come from classic Golden Age animators such as Walt Disney and Chuck Jones, who stood out with their own animation and art styles, clever storytelling, and who were never afraid to take on risks that lead to great rewards. I am a good problem solver who isn’t afraid to take on challenges.


I animated, directed, and wrote my first animated short film, “OutFOXed!” which was chosen as an Official Selection in the 2018 Monarch Film Festival, and nominated for "Best Student Narrative". Currently, I am working on its sequel, "Flat Back Roads" as well as co-developing the independently created dark ride attraction "Kooky Trails" with my friend Albert Rodriguez, who's leading the project.

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